About the Founder

Marcela Silva
Marcela started displaying a natural ability to connect with other’s at a very young age. It is in her nature to help others; she originally wanted to help women face the overwhelming reality of starting a new phase in their lives after a loss.

She relates to the roller coaster that life can be as a result of moving to North America from Colombia. Growing up without a father since he tragically died in a car accident when she was only ten years old, there were many changes taking place such as going from high to low social-economic status. Years later, after encountering many challenges that immigrants face, she discovered the power of resilience and perseverance in NYC while she went to school for business and marketing. These character traits were tested again when she experienced a broken marriage and endured another new set of challenges in a different city. She credits these heartaches to helping her become the courageous, well-rounded woman she is today.

She spent years involved in her community supporting the local and regional economic growth in Norfolk Virginia while creating an infrastructure for small business owners where established companies worked with pioneers in different industries through the collaboration  and the creation of the Percolator Coworking Space. The interdependence of different industries brought synergy while she was developing her own niche. During this time, she balanced motherhood and entrepreneurship sharpening her skills to another level. Guiding entrepreneurs to strategic relationships, based on their business identity and their specific goals. Helping them step-by-step to identify their business’s needs, and strategic plan. Establishing this business blueprint is essential because it’ll provide the framework for any business. Innovation is key.

“When we build the bridges of innovation through meaningful business connections, only then we will see change”